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White Villa Makes a Journey

On the night of 20 August 2020, a spectacular event took place in the small Grisons mountain village of Mulegns: an 1,800-tonne house was shifted 8 metres. This has broadened the narrowest spot in the Julier Pass; buses and trucks no longer come up against the corner of the house. 

Filmmaker Maxim Derevianko and his assistant Serena Perla have made a documentary film of the shifting of the White Villa, which was accompanied by a light show and the sounds of Rhaeto-Romanic songs. In the film, project initiator Giovanni Netzer tells of the inhabitants of Mulegns, their stories, their history and the future he envisions for the old house in the Julier Pass and the village surrounding it.

We feature this project in Detail 6.2021.

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