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Retreat and Office Cabin

So what do you do if there’s no room in your own four walls for a home office? The London architects and makers Boano Prišmontas suggest making use of awkward corners of gardens or backyards, namely with their modular timber cabin that can be erected in the tiniest of spaces in a do-it-yourself approach or with professional help if needed. The “My Room in the Garden” initiative was devised in the lockdown situation by Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prišmontas. They not only designed the modular cabins but also produce them in small, medium and large in their studio in Hackney and deliver them in flat packs to their customers. The individual elements can be combined and varied, plus a version with insulation is also available.

Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prišmontas, the partners in the London-based architectural studio Boano Prismontas, developed the “My Room in the Garden” office and hideaway cabin during the lockdown. Tomaso Boano studied at the university in Genoa and has worked at such practices as Ensamble Studio. Jonas Prišmontas completed his studies at the University of East London with a thesis on the phenomenon of urban community gardens and has gathered experience at architectural studios like CF Moller.

The “My Room in the Garden” is documented at length in Detail 3.2021.

Retreat and Office Cabin, Photo: Boano Prišmontas
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