Apartment Building in London

This terraced building is situated in London’s prestigious Bayswater/Notting Hill area. It fills a gap which was left by a bomb in the 1940 Blitz, and was...


Royal Observatory

A “farmyard of astronomical instruments” describes the collection of buildings that form the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. It recalls images of the great...

<span class="article-preview__category">Construction</span> <h3>Cecil Balmond - Unfolding New Dimensions</h3> <p>Cecil Balmond has been a structural engineer with Arup for 41 years. His thinking and working methods are however often very different from those practised by...</p>
<span class="article-preview__category">Buildings</span> <h3>Film and Visual Media Research Centre in London</h3> <p> The Bloomsbury area of Central London is home to some of the prestigious colleges of the University of London. </p>
<span class="article-preview__category">Buildings</span> <h3>Agora Theatre in Lelystad</h3> <p> With the Agora Theatre, UN Studio have completed one of the first buildings within West 8&rsquo;s new central plan for Lelystad. The architects have designed a...</p>
<span class="article-preview__category">Buildings</span> <h3>Arts Centre and Library in Thurles</h3> <p> Thurles Arts Centre and Library by McCullough Mulvin Architects lounges and lingers on the bank of the river Suir, spreading its silver, blue-grey blanket of...</p>
<img class="caption-media" src="/fileadmin/_processed_/3/9/csm_hotel3_74632aaee1.jpg" width="467" height="312" alt="" /> <section> <span class="article-preview__category">Material</span> <div class="article-preview__headline--wrapper"> <h2>Image advert in the Hotel Newsletter</h2> </div> </section>
<img class="caption-media" src="/fileadmin/_processed_/0/4/csm_verkehr_7a249b43d5.jpg" width="467" height="312" alt="" /> <section> <span class="article-preview__category">City &amp; Countryside</span> <div class="article-preview__headline--wrapper"> <h2>Image advertisements in the transportation facilities newsletter</h2> </div> </section>