<span class="article-preview__category">Buildings</span> <h3>The Waldron Health Centre in Lewisham by Buschow Henley</h3> <p> London-based Buschow Henley Architects have designed the new building for The Waldron Health Centre in Lewisham. The first phase of the £13.5 Million Waldron...</p>

Uppsala Concert and Congress Hall by Henning Larsen Architect

In September 2007, Uppsala opened its new Concert and Congress Hall which is located in the centre of the town. The 8 floors-high and 37 metres-tall building...

<span class="article-preview__category">City &amp; Countryside</span> <h3>Design team will plan a park for New York City</h3> <p>A team of internationally renowned design firms will design Governors Island&rsquo;s future open space in New York, including a new park and promenade. </p>
City & Countryside

Grand Gestures in Paris

The Grande Nation has once again shown us the strength of a grand gesture: at a cost of just under 80 million euros, the French state has refurbished the east...

<span class="article-preview__category">Buildings</span> <h3>Expansion to the Jewish-American Museum in Philadelphia</h3> <p>The only museum in the U.S. that documents Jewish-American experience is adding to the existing building a 9.200 square metres complex that was designed by...</p>

The architect as the motor of development

Two years after its completion, architect Dieter Henke is on site to explain the experimental nature of the building for the University of Applied Science in...

<span class="article-preview__category">Buildings</span> <h3>Functional green design for the MCA Denver</h3> <p> Last year&rsquo;s fall was marked by another opening of a new museum building in the U.S. In Denver, Colorado, the new Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), designed by...</p>
<span class="article-preview__category">Buildings</span> <h3>Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art</h3> <p>Kyu Sung Woo Architects has designed the new Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas.</p>