<span class="article-preview__category">Buildings</span> <h3>"Arctic culture centre" in Hammerfest completed</h3> <p>The new Arctic culture centre in Hammerfest, the world&rsquo;s northernmost town, designed by a-lab architects was completed this month. The building, which is used...</p>
<span class="article-preview__category">Buildings</span> <h3>Nottingham New Art Exchange</h3> <p>The New Art Exchange by architects Hawkins\Brown was launched last month in Nottingham. It is the UK&rsquo;s first regional inner city contemporary visual arts centre...</p>
<span class="article-preview__category">Construction</span> <h3>Piano's Living Roof: Museum Opening in San Fransisco</h3> <p>With his Museum of Natural History in San Fransisco&rsquo;s Golden Gate Park Renzo Piano has successfully united the twelve different buildings of the California...</p>

New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York

Time-lapse clip of the New Museum’s construction.

<span class="article-preview__category">City &amp; Countryside</span> <h3>Construction Begins On Herzog & De Meuron´s High-Rise</h3> <p>Construction begins in New York City on the first high-rise tower of Herzog &amp; de Meuron. The building at 56 Leonard Street will be a 57-story residential...</p>
<span class="article-preview__category">Buildings</span> <h3>Natural History Museum extension by Danish architects CF Møller</h3> <p>The second phase of the Darwin Centre at London&rsquo;s Natural History Museum has been unveiled in early September. </p>

Nine Solar Terraced Houses in Munich

Additional pictures of two of the nine Solar Terraced Houses in Munich.


Publicly Supported Housing in Iquique

How to develop solutions for suitable dwellings at the centre of the desert town of Iquique in Chile.