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From Infrastructure to Leisure Culture: Parks Created over Traffic Routes

City & Countryside

Footbridge in Kew Gardens, London

Shimmering Play of Light: A curved Footbridge is the new Gem in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

<span class="article-preview__category">Construction</span> <h3>New Porsche Museum to be opened in January</h3> <p>The new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen will open on Saturday 31 January 2009. Finally, now that the scaffolding has been removed, it is possible to...</p>

Lakeside Pavilion in Geneva

Additional pictures of the production of the prototyp of the Lakeside Pavilion in Geneva.

City & Countryside

Parking Deck and Public open Space in Cachan

Additional pictures and drawings concerning the parking deck and public open space in Cachan.

<span class="article-preview__category">Buildings</span> <h3>Liangzhu Culture Museum by David Chipperfield Architects opens in Hangzhou, China</h3> <p>After five years of design and construction work, the Liangzhu Culture Museum has been opened. The scheme is part of a wider project to create a new town, the...</p>
<span class="article-preview__category">City &amp; Countryside</span> <h3>New TKTS booth opened on Times Square</h3> <p>Following a design competition with 683 submissions, the new TKTS booth, has now been opened. The brief was to redesign the 35-year-old TKTS booth, which sells...</p>

First-Aid Posts in Marseille

See here further pictures of the First-Aid Posts in Marseille by Bonte & Migozzi Architectes.