Bathrooms, sanitary facilities

Large Format and Individual

HHF, Haus H, Starnberg

The House in the Landscape and Vice Versa: Single-Family Home by HHF

Bathrooms, sanitary facilities

Multi-Split Air Conditioners

Bathrooms, sanitary facilities

Heating and Lighting Element

Bathrooms, sanitary facilities

Washbasin Bowls Made of Enamelled Steel

Ruhr Valley, Postwar Architecture, Big Beautiful Buildings

Big and Beautiful: 
Large Structures of the Postwar Era Rediscovered

MAD Architects, Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel

Five elements: Restoration of Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel by MAD Architects

Interior construction, Staircase, Hark Treppenbau, German Metal Construction Award 2017, Helix staircase, free-standing frame elements
Interior Construction

Helix Staircase by Hark

Spine Architects, Rechenzentrum, Hamburg

A Small Pearl in Hamburg: Technical building by Spine Architects