Holocaust Memorial, Bologna, SET Architects

Built sombreness: Holocaust memorial in Bologna

Leben in Städten, Does Permanence Matter, Jan Gehl, Birgitte Svarre, Andres Lepik, Marcelo della Giustina, Chiara Ursini

From Timeless to Transient: Recent Books on Public Space

Bejing, China, Guesthouse

Elysium on the Roof of a Mall: Guest House with a Bamboo Garden in Beijing

Park'n'Play, Copenhagen, JAJA Architects, COAST Studio, Rasmus Hjørtshoej

Playground with view: multi-storey car park in Copenhagen

Raffaello Rosselli, Luigi Rosselli Architects, The Beehive, Prue Ruscoe, Ben Hosking

Reused and Upgraded: Office Building in Sydney

Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung, Werner Huthmacher, Berlin

Moved: The Bauhaus Archive to open its doors at Haus Hardenberg

Schaum/Shieh, White Music Hall, Houston

A Concert Hall on the Bayou: White Oak Music Hall by Schaum/Shieh

Atelier Barda, Maison Gauthier, Mont-Tremblant, Maxime Desbiens, Juliette Busch

Inspired by minimalist art: Maison Gauthier by Atelier Barda

krakani lumi, Taylor and Hinds, Foto: Adam Gibson
City & Countryside

Under the stars: Resting place by Taylor and Hinds