Bathrooms, Sanitary facilities, String, Bathroom furniture
Bathrooms, sanitary facilities

Classic Furniture for the Bathroom by String, residential house, Avanca

Elegantly Turned Inwards: House in Portugal by

Laufen, Bathrooms, Sanitary facilites, Washbasin
Bathrooms, sanitary facilities

Fine Bathroom Ceramics by Laufen

Facade, Moeding, Ceramic, Longoton Facade System

Curved Ceramic Facade by Moeding

Fraas Solutions, Hochleistungsgitter, Konstruktion, Bewehrungsgitter, Beton

3D high-performance grid made of AR glass or carbon

CSSB, hammeskrause architekten, Foto: Werner Huthmacher

Dynamic Research Building: CSSB by hammeskrause architekten

Pezo von Ellrichshausen, Loba House

Minimalistic and object-like: Loba House by Pezo von Ellrichshausen

B3, Datscha Architekten, School

Good Things Come in Threes: B3 School and Community Centre in Heidelberg

GriP Safety Coatings, Bathrooms, Sanitary facilities, clinic
Bathrooms, sanitary facilities

Non-slip Surfaces in Clinic Environment by GriP Safety Coatings