Bene, Noox Think Tank, Room-in-room system, open space
Interior Construction

Flexible Room-in-room-System

Holiday home in Egg by Stefan Schweighofer, Austria, Photo: Marc Lins

Loos in Bregenz Forest: Holiday home in Egg by Stefan Schweighofer

Delas Frères, Winery in Tain-l’Hermitage, Carl Fredriksven Stedt Architect, France, Photo: Dan Glasser

Preserving Traditions in Digital Form: Winery in Tain-l’Hermitage

Thomas Meyer, Mikael Olsson, Masaya Yoshimura C: Issey Miyake Inc.

Our Favourites: Three retail stores for clothing and fashion

MAD Architects, Corona, Interview

Virtual happy hours: How is the Beijing office of MAD Architects dealing with the Corona pandemic

Waterfrom Design, Interior Design, Shenzhen, China
Inside Space

Menu with a view: Restaurant in Shenzhen

Lignatur, surface elements, class room
Interior Construction

Sound Absorption in the Classroom

Dauphin, Bosse Telephone box, open space
Interior Construction

Telephone Box for Open-plan Offices

Šépka architekti, Prague, family home

Living in a steel corset: Detached house in Prague