SW+A, library, Sopot

Multimedia for all: Library in Sopot

Nachbericht, Coming Soon, Kreativquartier, München, UnternehmerTUM, MINI Living, DETAIL
Trade Events

Chaos creates identity: Follow-up report "coming soon... Creative Quarter"

Aschl, drainage, shower channel, bathroomes, stainless steel
Bathrooms, sanitary facilities

Reversible Covers for Shower Channels

Svendborg Architects, House of the Arts, Copenhagen

Clear and Rational: House of the Arts in Roskilde

Kludi, fitting, sanitary facilities, bathrooms
Bathrooms, sanitary facilities

Rectangle and Circle Combined

La Buvette d'Evian, EPFL

Forgotten icon: EPFL's La Buvette d'Evian project

Casa en El Maitén, bernardo rosello arquitectura

Step by Step: Casa en El Maitén by Bernardo Rosello

Roberto di Donato Architecture, restoration, Valencia

Inserted: Renovation of a listed apartment in Valencia

sga-studio, Taksila Roots Primary School, Indien

Making Do: Primary School by SGA-Studio