Raffaello Rosselli, Luigi Rosselli Architects, The Beehive, Prue Ruscoe, Ben Hosking

Reused and Upgraded: Office Building in Sydney

Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung, Werner Huthmacher, Berlin

Moved: The Bauhaus Archive to open its doors at Haus Hardenberg

Schaum/Shieh, White Music Hall, Houston

A Concert Hall on the Bayou: White Oak Music Hall by Schaum/Shieh

Atelier Barda, Maison Gauthier, Mont-Tremblant, Maxime Desbiens, Juliette Busch

Inspired by minimalist art: Maison Gauthier by Atelier Barda

krakani lumi, Taylor and Hinds, Foto: Adam Gibson
City & Countryside

Under the stars: Resting place by Taylor and Hinds

Outside Facilities, Doors, gates and fence systems, Wisniowski, Home Inclusive 2.0
Outside facilities

Identical Design Components, Tone in Tone by Wisniewski

Outside facilities, Solar bench, Include, wireless charging, usb ports for charging
Outside facilities

Multifunctional Bench by Include

Outside facilities, Outdoor Lighting, Karman, head designer Matteo Ugolini,
Outside facilities

Don't Touch by Karman

Outside facilities, Bicycle stand, The Bicycle Laboratory, Durbanis
Outside facilities

The Somewhat Different Bicycle Stand The Bicycle Laboratory