Two Houses in Munich

The two houses are aligned along a continuous wall that separates the private realm from the street.

Administration Building in Darmstadt

Conceived as a two-storey pavilion set in a park, the headquarters of the German athletics federation is based on a simple square plan and has a uniform design...

Research and Development Building in Baden, Switzerland

Subject to a constant process of development and change, the urban environment reveals its identity as a historical industrial location in a conglomeration of...

┬╗Schiphol Plaza┬ź Airport Building, Amsterdam

Entrances as Signifiers of Meaning - The Medieval Church Portal

Housing Development in Waldkraiburg

Set parallel to a busy road, the building is designed to screen the areas to the rear, to which the main living spaces are oriented.

Housing Development in Tilburg, Netherlands

Spread over three sites in a street characterized by its heterogeneous development, the scheme comprises seven freehold houses and a doctor’s practice, all...

Housing Rehabilitation in Brabrand, Denmark

The refurbishment of the precast concrete units with which the nine housing strips were constructed in 1972 had become urgently necessary and provided the...

School Extension in Voerde

In addition to functional needs, the relationship to the adjoining landscape played a major role in the design of this extension to an existing school centre.