Aschl, Bathrooms, Sanitary facilities, Therme, Drainage
Bathrooms, sanitary facilities

Drainage in the KärntenTherme by Aschl

Nora Systems, Bathrooms, Sanitary facilities, clinic, rubber floors
Bathrooms, sanitary facilities

Floor Covering for Psychiatric Facility by nora systems

Flowershop Caladium, SERRANO+BAQUERO, Spain
Inside Space

Original (orch-)ideas: Design by Serrano+Baquero for a flower shop

Gasholders, WilkinsonEyre, King´s Cross, London

Victorian Meets Modern: Gasholders by WilkinsonEyre

Youth Hostel, LAVA Architekten, Bayreuth

Living Community: Youth Hostel by LAVA Architekten

Bernard Tschumi urbanistes Architectes, BTuA, University Research Complex Paris-Saclay

Bernard Tschumi to build research centre in Paris-Saclay

Kaldewei, Bathrooms, Sanitary facilities, Shower
Bathrooms, sanitary facilities

Floor-level Shower as 4-in-1 System by Kaldewei

Facade, Coloured aluminium panels, Novelis

Car Park in a Birch-wood Design by Novelis

Frei Otto, Multihalle Mannheim, Venedig, Ausstellung, Sally Below, Georg Vrachliotis

Sleeping Beauty: Reinventing Frei Otto’s Multihalle