Devotional Centre in Fréjus, France

These two identical, open structures form part of an urn cemetery complex and serve four different faiths as a place of prayer and ritual ceremony.

House in Amersfoort, Netherlands

The form of this grey sand-limestone brick house is hardly evident from the road.

Housing Development in Lauterach-Unterfeld, Austria

The development is located on a park-like site between a railway line and an area of single-family housing.

Alpine School in Natters, Austria

Surrounded by largely untouched landscape, the extension to the school’s administration building does not attempt to adopt the local vernacular, but develops a...

Technology Park in Castellón, Spain

Planned for a variety of concerns in the realm of innovative technology, this development contains a wide range of spatial facilities, from offices and...

Ship's Museum in Ishinomaki City, Japan

In the 17th century, a Japanese delegation crossed the Pacific for the first time to establish links with Europe.


Hospital in Munich

Designed as a series of pavilions set in park-like grounds, the old hospital, built in 1910, profits from the natural lighting and landscape views that this...

Entrances, Door Handles and Conventions

A Brief History of City Gateways