Administrative Headquarters in Marne-la-Valleé, France

The huge Noisiel plant, once reputed to be the largest chocolate factory in the world, has been converted into a prestigious administrative headquarters for a...

Façade Refurbishment in Dresden

The rehabilitation of the façade was designed to create new outdoor sitting areas and non-insulated conservatories.

Bauhaus Rehabilitation Scheme

Rehabilitation of the Auerbach House (1924) and the Zuckerkandl House (1927-29) by Walter Gropius in Jena

The "Rehabilitation" of Lhasa - the Destruction of a Holy City

Geometry and Symbol

Shop in Munich

The high space of this jewellery studio forms a neutral container for the sculpture-like display units.

House in Frankenthal

The house, dating from the 1930s, was refurbished and enlarged to meet the needs of a family of five in a flexible manner.

Centre for Choreography and Dance in Montpellier, France

This centre for choreography was accommodated in a former Ursuline convent, which is now a listed structure.