Extendible Caravan with Tent Roofs

In contrast to conventional caravans, this “marquee” type provides scope for extension by allowing the side walls to be folded down.

Mobile Kitchen

In the course of the rehabilitation of a 1920s terrace house, a tight sequence of rooms on the ground floor was opened up to create a large general space.

Internet Box: Mobile Spaceor Walk-In Furniture

The box was designed as a mobile minimal space for the Internet presentation of a school-book publisher at trade fairs and other events.

Mobile Observation Tower

This vertically rotating viewing platform was designed as part of a student scheme on the subject of balance.

An Itinerant Building: Temporary exhibition tent

House for Sleeping

The brief required a structure that would provide economical, water- and windproof sleeping accommodation.

Mobile Art

The works of the artist Joep van Lieshout occupy the ground between art, design and architecture.

The Influences of Mobile Environments on Architecture

Rolling-Stock Design - Observations on the Interior Design of German High-Speed Trains