Formerly of Wood; Still Steeper than Anywhere Else: Stairs in the Netherlands

Staircase Spaces in Art Nouveau

House in Dazaifu, Japan

The house, which consists of two discrete volumes, is located in a quiet part of town near a Shinto shrine.

Studio and Office Building in Sendagaya, Japan

This five-storey house is a piece of urban infill that closes a gap in the street block.

School of Fine Art in London

Advertising Agency in Paris

This former warehouse building was converted to accommodate the offices of an advertising agency.

Library in Horreo, Spain

In the existing parliament of Galicia, a library and document centre have been installed.

Design School in Montreal

Located in a dense quarter of Montreal’s commercial centre, the corner site on which the school stands is tight and irregular in shape.

Administration Building In Hamburg

Situated in the centre of Hamburg, the building takes up the height of the neighbouring developments.