Housing Rehabilitation in Brabrand, Denmark

The refurbishment of the precast concrete units with which the nine housing strips were constructed in 1972 had become urgently necessary and provided the...

School Extension in Voerde

In addition to functional needs, the relationship to the adjoining landscape played a major role in the design of this extension to an existing school centre.

Library in Baden, Switzerland

The refurbishment of this library in a former monastery was complemented by a small entrance extension in the form of a delicate glass cube.

Public Library in Berlin

Built by Richard Bloos around 1909, the listed Brunnenhof complex, with its commercial and production uses, has also housed a branch of the civic library since...

Company Headquarters Tower in Essen

The requirements of the brief for an energy-saving design are reflected in the form and construction of this tower block.

Sunlight in Cities - The Bases of Solar Urban Planning

Solar, Defensive or Both?

Double Fa├žades - Essential for High-Rise Blocks?

Housing Development in Zollikofen, Switzerland

The north side of the houses is sunk into the slope of the site, from which the roof rises in a planted concave curve.