Secondary School in Lemgo

Planned as an extension to the “Lippehof” building, the new school complex subordinates itself to the scale of the urban surroundings.

Hurdacker Estate in Dübendorf

The estate comprises a four-storey block of flats and a series of terrace houses, in which standardized elements were used in a vertically and horizontally...

Housing Development in Ingolstadt

This publicly funded model housing scheme is situated in the interior of a street block in the historical town centre.

House in Okayama, Japan

The house was planned for a family of six, including two children and two grandparents.

House in Münster

Situated on the edge of a verdant site with a fine stock of old trees, this elongated house consists of a two-storey main building and a single-storey wing.

Community Building in Ballerup, Denmark

This low-energy building was designed as a community centre for the housing developments Egebuen and Egestrædet.

House in Munich

The brief required a compact, economical, architecturally restrained building that would also be energy-saving in use.

"...the flatter real architecture is, the more important art becomes..." An interview with Günter Behnisch

The Modern Façade: Pure Packaging or Responsive Skin?


As the interface between the private and the public realms, the façade assumes a special importance, as is documented by architectural history.