Halls at the Borsig Tower in Berlin

Urban Redevelopment in Milan

Rehabilitation of the City of the Gods

The Restoration of a Medieval Temple Hall - Architectural Conservation in Japan

Extension of a Temple in Kyoto

The Higashi-Honganji Buddhist Temple has been extended with a 3,000 m2 modern reception tract.

Sunday School in Ibaraki, Japan

Ten years after Tadao Ando built his Church of the Light (Detail 3/91) in Ibaraki, the community approached him to complement it with a Sunday school, a library...

School of Fashion and Graphic Design in Utrecht, Netherlands

Only after construction work had begun and the foundations had been laid was the present architect called in.

Conversion of a Commercial Block in Munich

By removing the bands of dark stone and the lettering from the fa├žade of this 1950s’ block, it was possible to accentuate its bold cubic geometry, to which the...

Extension to House in Munich

Situated idyllically on a small lake, but exposed to strong winds and the noise of a nearby Autobahn, this 1950s’ house was extended with a terrace and a light...