Roof Form with a Symbolic Content - Toraja Houses in Sulawesi, Indonesia

The Grain-Market Hall in Munich - History, Architecture and Construction of an Iron Structure of the Early Industrial Age

Library of the University of Technology in Delft

The university campus is dominated by a concrete structure dating from the 1960s by van den Broek & Bakema.

Toll Gates in France

Four toll gates of this type have been erected along the Amiens-Boulogne motorway.

Olimpic Park Railway Station, Sydney

The new station for the Olympic Park is sunk below ground level and manifests itself outwardly only in the form of its 200 ? 35 m elevated roof structure.

Museum in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

The museum documents the history of rowing, the Thames and the town of Henley.

Visitors' Centre in Koga, Japan

This simple timber skeleton-frame building forms a reception point and gateway to an extensive park.

Information Centre in Fetsund, Norway

Situated in the largest inland river delta in northern Europe, the centre reflects the dominant elements of the region: the weather, waterpower and the changing...

Housing Development in Ingolstadt

The 54 terrace houses represent the first stage of a larger development and are laid out in four parallel rows about a communal landscaped space.