Housing and Commercial Block in Cologne

Inserted in a gap less than 3 m wide, the structure of this infill block consists of concrete floor slabs cast into pockets cut in the existing party walls on...

House in Cologne

Designed for a family of five, the house is an infill development in an unspectacular strip of terrace housing.

House in Almelo, Netherlands

On three faces, the house has a double-leaf wall construction.

Theatre Extension in Vidy-Lausanne, Switzerland

Additional rehearsal space for this theatre was created in a new structure raised above a parking area.

House in Barcelona

The strict external cubic form of the house in facing bricks (see Detail 1996/7) is reflected in the clear, logical design of the interior.

House in Halifax, Canada

The closed north wall, with its enormous bookshelf element, forms the secure back of the house.

House in Biel-Benken, Switzerland

Built into the slope of the site, the house was designed according to a principle of layering and jointing elements.

House in Hamburg

This five-storey house is a piece of urban infill that closes a gap in the street block.

Office Building in Karlsruhe

Designed as a low-energy building, the structure is divided by a double-skin wall into two parts: a northern tract with a high degree of thermal insulation, and...