School of Fashion and Graphic Design in Utrecht, Netherlands

Only after construction work had begun and the foundations had been laid was the present architect called in.

Conversion of a Commercial Block in Munich

By removing the bands of dark stone and the lettering from the façade of this 1950s’ block, it was possible to accentuate its bold cubic geometry, to which the...

Extension to House in Munich

Situated idyllically on a small lake, but exposed to strong winds and the noise of a nearby Autobahn, this 1950s’ house was extended with a terrace and a light...

House Extension in Glasgow, Scotland

The extension of the house led to a restructuring of the layout.

Shop Entrance in New York

Commes des Garçons required a new artistic concept that would meet the needs of its fashion shops in various situations.

Hotel in Former Monastery of Santa Maria do Bouro in Braga, Portugal

Set on a wooded hill, this complex, comprising a church and the remains of monastic buildings dating from the 16th–18th centuries, was to be converted into a...

Façade Refurbishment in Berlin

Dating from the “Gründerzeit”, the period of German economic expansion at the end of the 19th century, this block of flats once possessed a richly ornamented...

Stone - a Building Material for the Next Century?

Stone and the Purity of Regional Things