Development Centre in Ingolstadt

The building is used for limited periods by suppliers of vehicle parts working on specific projects.

Housing Development in Batschuns, Austria

These six low-energy dwellings comprise four two-storey houses stepped down along the road and a pair of three-storey houses turned at a slight angle towards...

House in Herisau, Switzerland

With an energy concept comprising a compact, highly insulated form, translucent thermal insulation to the south-facing brick wall, a wood-fired storage heater...

Wall Decoration

Church in Wolfratshausen

This centrally planned church is oriented, via a glazed vestibule, to a tree-lined forecourt to the south.

Administration Building for an Energy Concern in Stuttgart

This extension complements an existing building dating from the 1970s to form a closed block development with two courtyards.

Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris

Situated in the eastern part of the city, the four 80-metre-high L-shape towers of the library complex form a landmark that is visible from afar.

Weekend House near Tokyo

The brief required that the daughter of the family, an artist, should be able to exhibit her work in this weekend house.

Housing and Commercial Development in Tokyo

The development comprises ground floor shops, offices on the first floor and a spacious three-storey flat above this.