Academy of Further Education in Herne

Three months before the appointed opening of this complex, the world’s largest photovoltaic installation ever to be integrated in a building was connected to...

Solar Building - Euphoria and Scepticism

Cardboard-honeycomb insulation Single-family house in Aargau, Switzerland

The house is laid out in the form of two offset volumes.

Light-Sensitive Facade in Glass and Timber Four Town Houses in Winterthur, Switzerland

Solar energy is used to heat the air in the horizontal grooves of the larch boarding in the façade.

Central District-Heating Supply with Solar Installation and Long-Term Storage in Neckarsulm

Conversion of Reichstag Building into German Bundestag in Berlin

The conversion of the old Reichstag building into a modern seat of parliament is one of the main symbols of the Bundestag’s move from Bonn to the capital.

Library in Mataró, Spain

Raised above a solid plinth zone, the striking south-facing entrance front of the building consists of large-scale, bluish, gleaming solar cells of...

Administration Building in Recanati, Italy

Adjoining an existing building, the new administrative headquarters of a lighting manufacturer was conceived to provide a maximum degree of natural lighting and...

Solar Factory in Freiburg

The solar-cell production plant and a market for eco-products are housed in a low hall to the north; the administration and two dwellings in a four-storey...