Timber Construction Today

Lakeside Bathing Facilities in Zug, Switzerland

These simple timber structures, housing facilities for bathers, screen the lake shore from the railway line to the north.

Holiday House in Trosa, Sweden

The original concept for a summer house was changed to allow for year-round use.

Bridge in Science Museum, London

A new exhibition tract in the Science Museum has as its theme the “challenge of material”.

Pedestrian Bridge at West India Dock, London

Unlike Canary Wharf, only a stone’s throw away, the west side of West India Dock has remained undeveloped up to now.

Bridge over the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal in Regensburg

Access to this pedestrian and cycle bridge is via ramps and stairs at the two ends.

Pedestrian Bridge in Stuttgart

To avoid the additional bending moments that occur with asymmetric loading and that usually result in bulky structural members in conventional forms of...

Pedestrian Bridge in the Inner Harbour of Duisburg

Designed as a suspension bridge with end stays, the structure is 3.5 m wide and spans a distance of roughly 73 m.

Pedestrian Bridge in Hörn, Kiel

Forming part of a larger rehabilitation scheme, a simple, uncovered pedestrian link was created between two districts on opposite sides of the harbour.