University Institute in Paris

Situated in close proximity to the Institut du Monde Arabe, this temporary building was erected in a modular form of construction in a period of only six...

Printing Works in Riem, Munich

The facades of the building consist of inter-locking U-section vertical glass strips with flush window elements.

Teachers' Training College in Chur Natural Science Tract

The great transparency of this building reveals its scientific function.

Staff Restaurant in Herzogenaurach

The barracks on this former military site have been converted into offices.

Greenhouse in Prague

A 17th-century orangery once stood on this site on the edge of a royal garden.

Stadium in Amiens

The design for this football stadium was based on two key ideas: it was to form a closed space, yet be open to the sky; and it was to be integrated into the...

Glass Bridge in the Basilica of Aquileia, Italy

The important mosaics in the basilica attract 300,000 visitors a year and therefore required some form of protection.

Modular House in Olching

This prototype structure, providing a simple shelter against the weather, was built on a garden site near Munich.

Composite Wood Products and Their Use in Building