Pavilion Boat House in Skibbereen, Ireland

This riverside retreat consists of a single open space with a small core, containing a kitchen, WC and store.

Thoughts on Pitched Roofs

Houses of Steel

A Symbol of Technology and Modernity: the use of steel in church construction

Peter Rice - Engineer by Accident

Urban Rail-Link Station in Stuttgart

Situated near the Stuttgart Television Tower in a relatively undeveloped area with various sporting facilities, this open station for the city rail link is...

Berlin-Spandau Station

The platform level is dominated by a 430-metre-long steel and glass roof construction, which, in terms of its load-bearing behaviour, is a true barrel shell.

Dining and Club Rooms of the Officers' School of the German Bundeswehr in Dresden

The underlying concept of this new pavilion was to create a sensation of “sitting outdoors under a roof”.

Housing Towers in Constance

Access to the 12 low-cost maisonette flats in two offset blocks is via separate open staircases and galleries.