Pedestrian Bridge in Stuttgart

To avoid the additional bending moments that occur with asymmetric loading and that usually result in bulky structural members in conventional forms of...

Pedestrian Bridge in the Inner Harbour of Duisburg

Designed as a suspension bridge with end stays, the structure is 3.5 m wide and spans a distance of roughly 73 m.

Pedestrian Bridge in Hörn, Kiel

Forming part of a larger rehabilitation scheme, a simple, uncovered pedestrian link was created between two districts on opposite sides of the harbour.

Sunniberg Bridge, Switzerland

This five-bay cable-stayed bridge is supported by unusually low pylons on top of piers up to 60 m high.

Building Bridges

Scarcely any other building type combines technical performance and aesthetics in the way bridges do.

Pedestrian Bridge in Rome

Temporary bridge structures have been proposed for seven central locations in Rome in response to the many pilgrims expected in the Holy Year, 2000.

Bercy-Tolbiac Pedestrian Bridge, Paris

Two busy roads separate the Seine from the adjoining urban districts at this point.

Millennium Bridge, London

In the year 2000, it should be possible to cross the Thames comfortably on foot from St Paul’s Cathedral to the new Tate Gallery on the south bank in only five...

Toyo Ito - Blurring Architecture