Events Centre in Edinburgh

The Dynamic Earth Centre consists of three main sections: the amphitheatre, the membrane roof, and the exhibition structure in a solid form of construction.

Millenium Dome in London

As part of the programme for the millennium celebrations, a contaminated gasworks site, which had been unused for 20 years, was rehabilitated to accommodate...

Japanese Pavilion at the Expo in Hanover

As an expression of sustainable architecture – a central theme of the Expo – the pavilion was constructed with recycled materials that can be dismantled and...

Single-Family House in Tokyo

This three-storey house is set on a narrow site 3 m wide and 20 m long.

Administration Building in Munich

The office complex is situated on a historical urban axis, not far from Königsplatz.

Pavilion at Earth Centre, Doncaster

On a roughly 26-acre site where lignite was once mined, an environmental theme park has been created, comprising various landscaped areas and a number of...

Multi-Purpose Tent in Hamina

The town of Hamina is surrounded by a ring offortifications with seven bastion structures.

Canopies at the Expo in Hanover

Erected with different coloured coverings along the main routes of the Expo site and in frontof the German Pavilion, the canopies create a sense of continuity...

Staten Island Esplanade in New York

As part of a programme to revitalize the old harbour areas of the city, a canopy structure has been erected over the landing stage of the Staten Island ferry.