School Sports Hall in Wachbach, Bad Mergentheim

Built partly into the slope of the site, this new sports hall is set beneath the existing concrete school building, dating from the 1960s.

Fishery building in Ligerz, Switzerland

This fishery building on Bielersee accommodates two quite different functions.

House in Bizau, Austria

This single-family house in the Bregenz Forest area is integrated into the fabric of a linear village and reflects the form of the settlement in its elongated...

House in Moledo, Portugal

Set on a rocky hillside in Portugal, the house is scarcely visible from the valley below.

Bathing Pavilion in Tussols-Basil

Set in an extensive park, the pavilion is slightly curved on plan, reflecting the course of the nearby river and the contours of the hillside to the rear.

Citizens Plan Their Own Town - The Outcome of Co-operative Planning: a Project Realized for the EXPO

Compositional Transport Structures between Serialization and Individuality: the EXPO Urban-Rail Platforms for the D-South Line in Hannover

Frankfurt am Main: Life along the River

Jubilee Line Stations, London