Housing and Commercial Development in Tokyo

The development comprises ground floor shops, offices on the first floor and a spacious three-storey flat above this.

House in Münchenbuchsee, Switzerland

Marine images and nautical architecture played a large role in the design of this house.

House in Brooklyn, New York

The brief for the conversion of this former coach house dating from 1860 required the provision of extensive storage space, two additional bedrooms and...

Fashion Shop in London

The three sales levels of this shop are situated in the plinth storey and basement of two adjoining buildings that have been linked together.

Baker's Shop and Café in Hamburg

Situated on the ground floor of an Art Nouveau building dating from 1905, the rooms of this baker’s shop and café – which had been disfigured by numerous...

Conversion of a Lawyers' Office in Stuttgart

The practice occupies the upper floors of an office building dating from the 1970s.

Youth Centre in Hagenow

In this conversion of a tank hall into a youth centre, the spatial divisions and technical installations were executed before the architects were called in to...

Building with Light

Brickwork Renaissance?