Living Realms

These four temporary exhibition pavilions were erected in the middle of a village pond as

model rooms that show the way young people live today.

Space for the Summer

“Develop for the municipality of Rotis a space for the summer that will provide room for at least two people.

Japanese Tea Houses

The ritual of relationships surrounding the traditional tea ceremony begins on the “roji” or path in the garden, where the guest lays aside his daily cares.

Administration Building in Kronberg

Designed for the Braun company, this three-storey U-shaped office building encloses a courtyard on three sides.

... there's still plenty of scope ... - Frei Otto on the Future of Tent Construction

History of Tent Constructon

Office for Waste Management in Munich

The protected parking facilities for the city’s 150 refuse vehicles form one section of a three-part complex erected for the municipal Office for Waste...

Events Centre in Edinburgh

The Dynamic Earth Centre consists of three main sections: the amphitheatre, the membrane roof, and the exhibition structure in a solid form of construction.

Millenium Dome in London

As part of the programme for the millennium celebrations, a contaminated gasworks site, which had been unused for 20 years, was rehabilitated to accommodate...