House in Cap Ferret, France

Set between the trees on the shore of the sea, the house is raised on slender piers and seems to hover above the site.

Restaurant in Porto, Portugal

A disused boat on the Douro has been converted into a restaurant.

Bus Shelter in Landshut

The shelter was conceived as a prototype for further models, which can be varied to meet the needs of different situations.

Development, Evaluation and Optimization of an Energy and Comfort Concept Based on the Example of a Development Centre in Ingolstadt

Climatic Utopias - The Dream of the Giant Roof

Solar Design

Conversion of the Reichstag Building into the German Bundestag in Berlin - A seat of Parliament as an Ecological Landmark

Solar Quarter in Regensburg

Academy of Further Education in Herne

Three months before the appointed opening of this complex, the world’s largest photovoltaic installation ever to be integrated in a building was connected to...