<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>Factory with Office in Weilerbach</h3> <p>This block-like structure occupies a site in a peripheral urban industrial area. </p>
<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>Four Façade Concepts</h3> <p>Based on a rectangular plan, this simple building replaces an earlier house of the same form. </p>
<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>Spanish-Portuguese Cultural Centre in Zamora, Spain</h3> <p>The centre was erected on the site of a medieval monastery, the ruins of which were integrated into the new development. </p>
<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>Cultural Centre in Nouméa, New Caledonia</h3> <p>The architecture of this new centre was intended as an expression of the cultural origins of the native Melanesian people of New Caledonia in the South Pacific....</p>
<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>Secondary School in Lemgo</h3> <p>Planned as an extension to the &ldquo;Lippehof&rdquo; building, the new school complex subordinates itself to the scale of the urban surroundings. </p>
<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>Hurdacker Estate in Dübendorf</h3> <p>The estate comprises a four-storey block of flats and a series of terrace houses, in which standardized elements were used in a vertically and horizontally...</p>
<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>Housing Development in Ingolstadt</h3> <p>This publicly funded model housing scheme is situated in the interior of a street block in the historical town centre. </p>
<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>House in Okayama, Japan</h3> <p>The house was planned for a family of six, including two children and two grandparents. </p>
<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>House in Münster</h3> <p>Situated on the edge of a verdant site with a fine stock of old trees, this elongated house consists of a two-storey main building and a single-storey wing. </p>