Architectural Centre, Vienna

Holidays in a Tree House

Plastic Concrete - Sculptures in the Waldpark in Potsdam

The four organically shaped “terminals” invite passers-by either to stop and rest or to let off steam.

The Wave - Playground Design for a School in Villach

An area of concrete is laid out over the school grounds, offset to the existing building grid.

Twisted Prisma - A Pneumatic Structure

All the materials used in this experimental, pneumatic structure are mass-produced industrial products, including the 1,188 m of tough, transparent polyamid...

Expo.02 in Switzerland

Documentation Centre in the Reichsparteitag Complex in Nuremberg

A documentation centre has now been installed in the former Congress Hall of the monumental buildings erected for the Nazi Party rallies (Reichsparteitage) in...

Architecture = Art - Questions to Gabriela Seifert and Götz Stöckmann (Formalhaut)

Utopia and Reality - an Interview with Winy Maas