<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>Bicycle Shelter in Sakai-cho, Japan</h3> <p>Occupying a site next to an unstaffed station, thislinear structure was conceived as a place of communication that would link the community at present divided...</p>
<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>Glass as a Building Material and Its Possible Applications</h3>
<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>Timber Thermal and Solar Screening Systems in Double-Skin Facades</h3>
<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>Glass-Load Bearing Structure</h3> <p>The new pavilion of the technical college for glass in Rheinbach was conceived as a space for seminars and congresses and as a &ldquo;walk-in showcase&rdquo; for...</p>
<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>The Growing Skyline: a New Tower Block in Frankfurt am Main</h3> <p>With the completion of the Main Tower, the high-rise banking district of Frankfurt has acquired its first building with a public viewing platform and a panorama...</p>
<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>GSW - Tower Block in Berlin</h3> <p>The original tower, dating from 1961, has now been supplemented by a complex of new buildings: a concave high-rise slab with colourful sunscreen elements; an...</p>
<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>Building with Glass Means Building with Light. An Interview with James Carpenter</h3>
<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>New Glass Architecture - Not Just Built Transparency</h3>
<span class="article-preview__category"></span> <h3>Parking Stack in Sindelfingen</h3> <p>The refurbishment of a large empty administration building in this car-manufacturing town led to a shortage of parking space. </p>