Adrien William, Playster, Büro, Montreal, ACDF Architecture
Inside Space

An Identity-Shaping Colour Scheme: Company Headquarters in Montréal

Interior Construction

Light and Acoustic Panel

By the Way House, KWK Promes, Robert Konieczny, Jaroslaw Syrek

A White Band in the Landscape: By the Way House

Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Kimmel Eshkolot Architects

Steinhardt Museum of Natural History by Kimmel Eshkolot Architects

BIM World Munich, Kongress, Veranstaltung, BIM, Digitales Planen, digitale Bauprozesse
Digital planning

BIM World Munich – a congress on digital construction processes

Peter Haimerl, conversion, Bavarian Forest

Peter Haimerl on Rescue Operations

Telenot, CAD, Software, Sicherheitstechnik
Digital planning

Planning security technology on the computer

selgascano, London, Office, Foam
Inside Space

Sudsy Space: Second Home Holland Park by selgascano

The Umbrella, AD+ Studio

Under one roof: The Umbrella by AD+ Studio