Moynihan Train Hall, New York, SOM

A Return to the Age of Railway: Moynihan Train Hall in New York

60 Years Detail

A Light Roof on Heavy Walls – Museum for Hamburg History (1991)

Tuñón Arquitectos, Helga de Alvear in Cáceres, Museum

Helga de Alvear Foundation in Cáceres: Art Palace at an Old Quarter’s Edge

WU Qingshan, Nephew LA, Leonardo Di Chiara

Our Favourites: Three Minimalist Residential Buildings

Helen & Hard, SAAHA, Creation Holz, SR-Bank, Timber Costruction, Office, Atrium, Norway, Glued laminated timber

Wood on a Large Scale: Finansparken in Stavanger by Helen & Hard and SAAHA

Edouard Brunet Architecte, Brussels, house

Two Out of One: House by Edouard Brunet in Brussels

3D-Druck, Tecla, Mario Cucinella Architects

Mother Earth in 3D Printing: TECLA Experimental Building by Mario Cucinella Architects and WASP

Fernando Guerra, Rasmus Norlander, Ed Reeve

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prefabrication, Alho, system construction, modular construction, steel, European Capital of Culture, Esch

Cultural Centre in Modular Construction