Richard Brink, roof terrace, drainage, stainless steel, Ludwig Erhard Zentrum, Fürth
Building Physics

Custom-made Drainage Channels in Fürth

Crematorium Siesegem, KAAN Architecten

Last Resting Place: KAAN Architecten Design Crematorium Siesegem

Gruber + Popp, Berlin, Youth Club and Family Centre

A Concrete Oasis: Youth Club and Family Centre in Berlin Lichtenberg

Sofia, DA Architects, Minko Minev

Interactive bordure: Bank branch in Sofia by DA Architects

Yiwu Grand Theater, MAD Architects

A sailing ship of glass: Yiwu Grand Theater by MAD Architects

andOFFICE, Stuttgart, Hoffnungshaus

Welcome Home: Hoffnungshaus by andOFFICE

SW+A, library, Sopot

Multimedia for all: Library in Sopot

Nachbericht, Coming Soon, Kreativquartier, München, UnternehmerTUM, MINI Living, DETAIL
Trade Events

Chaos creates identity: Follow-up report "coming soon... Creative Quarter"

Aschl, drainage, shower channel, bathroomes, stainless steel
Bathrooms, sanitary facilities

Reversible Covers for Shower Channels