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Inside Space

Office furniture with a system


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Perform Design Studio, Sanhuan Kindergarten, Lian He

Three hexagons: Sanhuan Kindergarten in China

Cultural center, Spain, Plasencia, Selgas Cano, EFTE, atrium, Frank Kaltenbach

Anti-Palace of Plastic: Cultural Centre in Plasencia

Precision work: Topsport school

Layer by layer: Stratum House by stpmj

Interior construction, Fuchs-Treppen, Sound insulation, Lightweight staircases, Sylomer composite system
Interior Construction

Sound Insulation for Lightweight Staircases by Fuchs-Treppen

Abu Dhabi Louvre, Jean Nouvel, Guggenheim effect, Tourist attraction, contemporary museum architecture, Opening 2017, Luc Castel

Tourist Attraction without Guggenheim Effect: Louvre Abu Dhabi

Architonic, Best Office and Contract Brands, Wilkhahn
Inside Space

Moving people