Peter Haimerl, conversion, Bavarian Forest

Peter Haimerl on Rescue Operations

Telenot, CAD, Software, Sicherheitstechnik
Digital planning

Planning security technology on the computer

selgascano, London, Office, Foam
Inside Space

Sudsy Space: Second Home Holland Park by selgascano

The Umbrella, AD+ Studio

Under one roof: The Umbrella by AD+ Studio

Firetube, stove, chamber, heating, HVAC

Round Combustion Chamber

MORFEUS, Bukkekjerka, Norway, Støvring Wille
City & Countryside

Resting on Holy Ground: Bukkekjerka by Morfeus arkitekter

rystal-shaped facade, Henning Larsen Architects, GKD, GEM Building

Energy-efficient Metal Mesh

Christensen&Co Architects, Lyngby, DTU, artrium
Inside Space

Freely-stacked: The Biosphere in Lyngby


Optimised Liquid Seal