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Jury meeting on 26th of June 2020.

1st prize
Helsinki Central Library Oodi

ALA Architects

“Far beyond its function as a repository of knowledge, the new Helsinki Central Library clearly sets an example for the fields of culture and education as well as for the potential of social interaction in our increasingly atomised cities. The architects have solved complex urban planning and functional challenges with a memorable design that in its implementation has lost none of the fascination of the original competition concept. The building’s form seems spontaneous and yet is evidently carefully thought out: the bridge construction that opens the centre of the building to the city is in fact responding to structural contingencies. The division of the structure into a hull-like, timber-clad base with a dematerialised glass lantern above convinces. From the grandest gesture to the smallest detail, this building impresses with a sophistication that has already turned it into a beacon for excellence in architecture.“
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1st prize
People’s Pavilion, Eindhoven

bureau SLA & Overtreders W

“With this event pavilion, the architects have systematically implemented the ultimate goal of recyclable construction with a thoroughness that is rarely seen. In antithesis to the other joint-winner, this small structure lives entirely from the idea behind the sourcing of its various materials and products in combination with the ambition to make all connections reversible: such focus given to the lifecycles of its materials and building elements gives the design both a depth and complexity that clearly exceeds that of other temporary buildings. With its raw and partly improvised appearance, the pavilion unashamedly contradicts the assumptions behind our visual conventions, offering a foretaste of those issues that will surely define the aesthetics of architecture in the decades to come. Moreover, this little project underlines the market potential of recycling-friendly construction - the façade shingles made of waste plastic are now commercially available for other buildings.”
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Prize for Students and Schools of Architecture
BUGA Fibre Pavilion 2019, Heilbronn

ICD/ITKE University Stuttgart

“This pavilion impressively demonstrates the important rôle that universities can play as research sites for architecture. Based on advanced material technology and digital production methods, this structure was developed in close interdisciplinary cooperation between architects, structural engineers and various industrial companies. Its actual construction, however, was preceded by years of research and development work - the intensity of which is probably only possible in a university context. The elegance and lightness of the resulting space is reminiscent of the experimental designs of both Cedric Price and Buckminster Fuller, while its highly optimised, expressive structure is testimony to the age-old insight that new building materials may also suggest new forms of architectural expression.”
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