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A perusal of international architectural magazines would scarcely lead one to believe that German architecture did not enjoy a high status. Representatives from the entire range of the profession are regularly covered in all important international publications, from Kollhoff to Sauerbruch + Hutton, from Behnisch to Schneider and Schumacher. Even the work of the younger and middle generations is regularly featured in foreign journals. Titus Bernhard appears in “Domus”, Milan; Fink + Jocher in the Japanese journal “a + u”; and Allmann Sattler Wappner in “Architectura Viva” in Madrid. German architecture enjoys wide recognition, one would think. On the other hand, there are those who complain that it is dull, and in particular that Germany lacks international architectural stars.

What, then, is the true international status of German architecture? We have invited well-known critics and specialist journalists from abroad to answer this question.
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