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Materials and Finishes

The impression a building makes on its observer is very dependent on the choice of the materials used and the design of the surfaces. Light, shade, texture and patina create an influencial atmosphere for the architect. Old and proven construction methods translated into our time pave the way for new possibilities. Also, the reuse of building materials, exposing and conserving of old surfaces, and the composition of space with foreign construction material shows the enormous spectrum. Nine exciting projects have been hand picked from this field: the Synagogue in Mainz, Germany with its overhanging ceramic facade and the golden sanctuary; the facade of a youth centre in Amsterdam made out of polyurethane foam or the research centre in the Azores draped in basalt are just a few of them. The topic of pollution and new buildings is tackled in a detailed report in the chapter technology.

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DETAIL 7+8/2011

Materials and Finishes

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