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inside 1/2016

Inside 1/2016
A place for holidaymakers in need of re­lax­ation, an accommodation for jetlag-ridden business travellers that is more transient and functional: Hotels provide a broad canvas on to which aspirations and needs that range from escapism to business are projected. The success of a hotel concept is largely ­determined by how intelligently and smoothly the transition between the exotic and the ­habitual is handled and transformed into an exciting dialogue that doesn’t overwhelm the guest and transcends short-lived trends.

To achieve this objective, a clear and legible architectural language that expresses a credible relationship to its surroundings and knows how to carry that through to the interiors is ­required. The projects in this current issue of DETAIL inside are located at precisely this ­interface. Hotel Tuve in Hong Kong offers an exclusive antithesis to the noisy outside world with a sensual oasis of crafted ambiences and exquisite materials.

Basel’s Hotel Nomad achieves a balanced interplay between tradition and modernity in a converted 1950s apartment building. The digital age makes an informal entrance at Hotel Schani in Vienna: Customized furniture, materials combined in surprising ways and typical local architectural features generate a pleasant atmosphere that places the guest at centre stage.
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