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Housing Development in Ingolstadt

The 54 terrace houses represent the first stage of a larger development and are laid out in four parallel rows about a communal landscaped space. Purchasers were offered houses of different widths and sizes, with scope for flexible layouts. A special end type was not developed. As a result of serial production, a timber skeleton-frame structure proved to be economically viable. The construction consists of continuous beams extending over the full depth of the houses supported by columns and without secondary beams. This resulted in a roughly 40 per cent reduction in the amount of timber used and facilitated a simple abutment with the columns, using slotted metal plates. The gently sloping roofs are covered with corrugated metal sheeting. The floors consist of 50 mm laminated timber sheets, which span a distance of 2 m. All internal walls are in a non-load-bearing, dry form of construction. Despite the cost savings, a high user value was achieved, and the houses are of low-energy standard. The façades consist of prefabricated elements.
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DETAIL 5/1999

Pitched Roof Construction

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