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Flat and pitched Roofs

Flat and pitched Roofs
Over the past 25 years, the world of architecture has witnessed many changes. Two and a half decades ago, Zaha Hadid had realized none of her powerful structures. In Japan, Tadao Ando had just achieved an international breakthrough with his Church of the Light in Ibaraki, and Foster had still not set his dome on the Reichstag building in Berlin. In the early 1990s, nobody spoke of “sustainable building” and certainly not of “BIM”.

The world of professional journals was quite different, too. The internet was not a rival medium. The first computers were only just beginning to appear in editorial offices, and the precise drawings found in DETAIL were still being neatly rendered in ink on tracing paper. In those days, the very small editorial team worked on six issues of the journal a year plus a Construction Manual every two or three years. Today, roughly 15 books are produced annually as well as many more journals, including “Concept” and “Green”, “Inside” and “Structure”.

After being responsible for the content of DETAIL for 25 years, the time has now come for me to hand over the reins. This is the final issue of which I shall be editor-in-chief, and I should like to thank readers for the great trust they have shown. The high degree of recognition we have gained for our work – on an international level, too – has always been a tremendous spur for me and the entire editorial team. I shall not be taking my leave entirely, however, for my links with DETAIL will be maintained in the form of further contributions I shall make from time to time. Christian Schittich

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DETAIL 10/2016
Flat and pitched Roofs

Flat and pitched Roofs

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