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A solid wall consisting of courses of red bricks, a double layer of reflecting glass or a rear-ventilated skin of ornamental metal sheeting: modern facades exhibit an almost unlimited range of materials, forms of construction and appearances. In this issue, a library in Spiez, Switzerland, is distinguished by a modern ­timber outer skin, a material that is nevertheless in the local, rural tradition.

In contrast, the stone outer wall of a housing development in Hangzhou, China, radiates a sense of solidity and reliability. The warm texture of the brick facings of a housing block in Santiago, Chile, are contrasted with the strict lines of the prefabricated metal window elements, while the perforated, corrugated copper facades of a new sports hall in Villach, Austria, are like a semi-transparent veil drawn over the building.

In an office complex in Geneva, the outer skin combines design elegance with the latest technology. Here, the triangular elements, set at a slight angle, catch the light kaleidoscopically, lending the closed cavity facade a crystalline appearance. Further information on the projects in this issue can be found on our home page at which, incidentally, was awarded the prestigious prize for the best website 2016 by the Deutsche Fachpresse.

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