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DETAIL Interiors 1/2020

DETAIL Interiors 1/2020

The world of interiors is a fascinating one. Time and again it offers the opportunity to make surprising ­discoveries. In this issue, we present to you an in-­depth interview with the London-based architect Taro Tsuruta. Giovanna Dunmall met the specialist for high-quality housing renovations in his recently completed project, a winter garden with a spectacular glass roof and generous outdoor views. The house addition in London’s Islington district exemplifies Tsuruta’s predilection for awakening inconspicuous residences from their slumber.

In the realms of office and hospitality we are hot on the heels of a trend that employs extroverted gestures and eye-catching colours. Whoever manages to seize a table at Shenzhen’s Doko Bar or at London's Humble Pizza can be sure to be in the spotlight. Whoever occupies a temporary workspace at Stuttgart’s coworking provider Urban Space benefits from the flexible structures and the opportunity to casually connect with others. Whether these spatial concepts will continue to be in demand in the future, or whether the current situation will soon call for entirely different forms of sharing space, will likely become clear in the upcoming months.

For us, the insight gained in recent weeks was that it is indeed possible to create print products from beginning to end while working remotely from home – in this case, with a new graphic concept by strobo BM and under a new name. DETAIL Interiors will continue to present stories richly adorned with images and project con­tributions in order to keep you up to date on current interior design developments.

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DETAIL Interiors 1/2020

DETAIL Interiors 1/2020

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